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MPN: HB-2099
Flower Box Wild Bird Feeder –  Classic Series by Home Bazaar
Functional hanging feeder has an adorable flower box detail that can be removed when placing outdoors. Clear acrylic sides allow the seed level to be easily maintained and the top pulls up along a hea...
Price: Item Discontinued
MPN: HB-6102
Novelty Cottage  - Classic Series by Home Bazaar
Moderately priced version of our best selling Cape Cod Cottage Birdhouse. Pine shingles top this classic residence. Removable back wall and 2 separate cavities with side entries. Constructed of kiln-d...
List Price: $102.00
You save $21.00
Price: $81.00
MPN: HB-6103
Fleur-de-Lis Wild Bird Feeder – Classic Series by Home Bazaar
This functional hanging feeder features panels of etched acrylic with a fleur-de-lis design alternating with solid panels with a snowflake detail. The top cone slides up on a durable nylon cord to all...
List Price: $71.50
You save $13.06
Price: $58.44
MPN: HB-8001
Gingerbread Cottage Birdhouse - by Home Bazaar
Whimsical Functional birdhouse with Candy Land details. This style comes equipped with a back wall that opens for easy cleaning. A separate mounting bracket is included for hanging. 9.25" H x 10....
List Price: $63.80
You save $12.18
Price: $51.62
MPN: HB-8002
Advent Calendar Birdhouse by Home Bazaar
This is a gift for the Bird Lover. 12 different birds housed individually in doors numbered 1 - 12. Each bird can be hidden in the house or can be perched on the peg in front of each door. The base sw...
Price: Item Discontinued
MPN: HB-8003
12 days of Christmas Birdhouse Calendar by Home Bazaar
This Advent Calendar tells the story of the Twelve Days of Christmas ("Partridge in a Pear Tree") with individual charms with each day numbered with the accommodating character. Birds are a ...
Price: Item Discontinued
MPN: HB-9001CL
Holiday Cottage with L.E.D. Clear Lights by Home Bazaar
A colorful Victorian Cottage is decorated for the holidays! Battery-operated, LED light strings have been added to the white Victorian cottage. Sweet details like a front porch and gingerbread trim ma...
List Price: $60.50
You save $11.05
Price: $49.45
MPN: HB-9001ML
Holiday Victorian Cottage Birdhouse with L.E.D. Multi Color Lights  by Home Bazaar
Victorian Cottage adorned with strands of beautiful, muti-colored lights. A pine shingled roof, a covered porch and “Cottage” style give this fully functional birdhouse plenty of charm. A ...
List Price: $55.00
You save $10.50
Price: $44.50
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