Classic Hanging Wild Bird Feeder 20" - Green by Birds Choice

Classic Hanging Wild Bird Feeder 20" - Green by Birds Choice
Manufacturer: Birds Choice - Feeders/Houses
List Price: $51.30
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Price: $47.20
This patented design has become the atypical bird feeder of today. It holds up to 10 lbs. of seed, and has a secure cap to keep rain, snow, and climbing animals away from the seed. Included is a plexiglass ring which provides additional weather protection and squirrel proofs the feeder while letting birds of all sizes obtain the feed from 4 perches. Container is UV resistant Lexan with aluminum seed ports, stainless steel perches and baked enamel green coatings. The patented metering ring keeps seed dry.

The enameled green case and see through feeding section help meld these feeders into the background while allowing you to see when refilling is required.

Place these feeders around the yard where you can see and enjoy the bird-life from your patio, kitchen, and bedroom. The joy of seeing cardinals, sparrows, wrens, and a wide assortment of other birds feeding before you is unmatched.
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