Mainely MulchTM Special Combo
Salt Hay SubstituteTM

The Original Blended Straw & Hay Mulch Product!

mainely mulch salt hay substitute
Mainely MulchTM
is a proprietary engineered blend of pre-chopped, very special, forage grade hay and straw stubble that contains virtually no noxious weed or crop seed. Though not 100% sterile, Mainely MulchTM is as clean a product as we can make without resorting to the use of chemical herbicides that would render it unsuitable for organic gardening.  We produce a “virtually weed free” mulch that reduces the likelihood of contributing foreign plant species to gardens, perennial beds, or newly seeded lawn areas. Should a few residual crop seeds germinate, an early pick or pull will easily “nip them in the bud” permanently.

 Mainely MulchTM is superior to pelletized paper pulp and compost products. Pelletized mulch products require special spreaders to apply them correctly. When they are under applied they fail to function properly due to potential gaps between them. If they’re over applied, they may disrupt healthy grass emergence by impeding germination and suffocating young grass seedlings.

Mainely MulchTMfunctions well when applied by hand over newly sown grass seed. It doesn’t require any special equipment, spreading by hand works great, it’s very forgiving!!

 Mainely MulchTM may be used as a protective mulch cover around roses, annuals, herbs, vegetables, perennials, shrubs, trees, bulbs, and virtually any other horticultural application you can think of. Other mulches cannot match our products versatility or cost effectiveness.

Mainely MulchTM “Salt Hay SubstituteTM is far more environmentally responsible than conventional salt marsh hay because it is never harvested from ecologically sensitive coastal estuaries and flood plain areas. The continued seasonal harvesting of salt hay disrupts and damages these areas and may eventually destroy vital ecosystems! Our product’s components are derived from wheat, oat, or barley straw blended with forage grade hays.

 mainely mulch salt hay substitute
Mainely Mulch’sTM
unique and attractive packaging is superior to others cheaper packaging.

Our packaging is extra thick, super strong, and keeps our product clean and dry. Our bale has a natural “low key” appearance reflecting the quality of the product contained within. Our bales may be stored outdoors. The extra strong, recyclable plastic contains an ultraviolet inhibitor and anti-skid agent to assure long-term package integrity and ease of stacking. The unique built-in gusset handles makes the bales easy to lift, move, and carry. When correctly opened from the bottom, the plastic wrapped bales may be re-closed with a twist tie for later use. They also make a terrific yard cleanup bag when emptied.

Mainely MulchTM  has an attractive natural oat straw color and unique texture. The precision cut, smaller size lightweight particles makes it very easy to spread by hand. No special equipment or machinery is required. Customers say that it is “truly a joy to work with!”

Mainely MulchTM is an excellent weed barrier. Its smaller size pieces provide better “soil shading” than do conventional hay or straw products. Therefore much thinner applications may be made!

Mainely MulchTM is an excellent insulator, better than conventional mulches, because it traps more air between its pieces. This helps to keep soil temperatures cooler in the summer, more stable in the winter, thus protecting and insulating plant roots from extreme temperatures. One bale typically covers 100 square feet (10’ x 10’) in most garden beds.

 Mainely MulchTM is very absorbent! It will retain lots of moisture when wet down after application. This absorbed moisture also will ballast the mulch so it stays in place with regular precipitation or irrigation. It stays where you put it, keeping the mulch where its needed, not where its not!

Mainely MulchTM is an excellent mulch for newly sown grass seed.

Application of a very thin layer helps to prevent erosion and protects newly sown grass seed from grazing birds and extremes in temperature and moisture availability. Water immediately after seeding and spreading mulch. Once grass seeds germinate our product doesn’t need removal, unlike salt marsh hay and straw, which should be taken off.  The 2.2 cubic foot bale easily covers 400 to 500 sq. ft. when mulching grass seed!

 Mainely MulchTM eliminates the “clumping and smothering” associated with salt marsh hay and regular straw because it’s engineered to self compost and rapidly decay. It won’t form a thatch layer like regular salt hay or straw often does. Our mulch doesn’t contribute to “damping off” fungal problems like other products can. It simply disappears, contributing a mild nutrient load to the soil that seedlings prefer.

Use Mainely MulchTM wherever you want fairly rapid decomposition of the mulch (depending upon thickness) such as in lawn seeding or in vegetable gardens! The green hay component helps to encourage soil-borne microbes to accelerate the “composting” of the straw & hay combination. Earthworms love it too! 



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