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Tube Seed Feeders
Tube feeders are easy to use. Most are already pre-assembled, so you simply fill and hang them and watch the birds.
Spiral Feeders
Spirals attract more birds and allow more birds to feed.
Window Feeders
Window feeders come in a variety of styles to attract the birds you want to watch up close. Compliment the feeder with a window bird house or a window perch to keep the birds right outside your house. Most window feeders will support different types of seed to help you attract nearly any bird you wish.
Hummingbird Feeders
Most of the hummingbird feeders we offer can be hung or pole mounted, check the descriptions on each to be sure. Note the time of day that the hummingbirds visit your feeder(s). Then next time, sit with a container of your favorite beverage and watch and sip with the hummingbirds.
Suet Feeders
Suet feeders take a wide variety of suet cakes, including non-melting cakes made with compressed seed or even nuts or fruit. To encourage woodpeckers, chickadees, and other upside down feeding birds, try one of the upside-down feeders. It will discourage sparrows, which have troubles feeing upside-down. Woodpeckers will also frequent a tail-prop feeder. Great for winter or year 'round, suet provides birds with the energy they need to make it through the winter, or to raise young in the spring.
Oriole Feeders
Help bring the colorful Oriole to your yard by offering jelly, mealworms, nectar or orange halves. Orioles tend to be shy, so putting the feeder near thick plants or shrubs will help them hide and feed at the same time.
Thistle (Nyjer)  Feeders
Thistle Tube feeders work great for smaller birds like finches. Thistle seed feeders are specific for thistle seed, and will bring the finches in droves!
Squirrel Feeders
When you have squirrels pestering your feeders, you can add feeders that are squirrel proof, or you can help feed the squirrels and give them their own little feeder. We offer feeders that make watching the squirrels feed enjoyable.
Wire Mesh Feeders
Wire mesh feeders dispense a variety of bird seed from a larger feeding surface. Birds cling all around these feeders rather than waiting their turn at a few feeding ports. Add a few to your backyard habitat to attract more varities of songbirds.
Wood Feeders
Choose a wooden wild bird feeder with an architectural flare to compliment your landscape. Classic styling brings warmth and beauty to your backyard habitat.
Wood Feeders by Birds Choice
From Backyard Nature Products Inc: Quality materials, excellent workmanship, patented innovative designs set Birds Choice inland red cedar wooden bird feeders apart from others in the marketplace.
Environmental (Recycled) Feeders

bird feedes made from recycled materialsBird Feeders are made from recycled material like #2 milk jugs. The plastic (polyethylene) is ground and reformed, cut, routed, and reassembled into bird feeding equipment that is easy to clean, guaranteed not to split, crack or fade.

Platform Feeders
Attract the most diverse varieties of colorful wild birds with Platform Bird Feeders. Larger Cardinals will enjoy the roomy feeding area as well as the smaller songbirds. Choose from Ground Feeding Units, Open Fly-Thru Style, Hanging Platforms or Pole Mounted Feeding Stations.
Hopper Feeders
Hopper feeders can be hung or pole or post mounted. Large capacity hoppers should be pole or post mounted. You can even mount them on a deck for closer viewing. They hold a larger quantity of seed than tube feeders, so you don't have to fill them as often. Choose wood or metal styles to fit your backyard decor.