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Bird Houses | Feeders by Home Bazaar

Avian Housing reaches new heights with the distinctive line of architectural birdhouses, bird feeders, and related garden accessories. Take a bird's eye view of our Victorian designs enhanced by authentic scrollwork and turn-of-the-century, cottage inspired embellishments. All of the birding products are designed for outdoor use in the garden or can be enjoyed in the home as a decorative accessory. The birdhouses, birdfeeders, garden pedestals, and garden outdoor furniture will transform your backyard into a haven for nesting for many years to come.

Wild Bird Feeders

Just like people prefer one restaurant over another, a variety of bird feeders will be attract a wider variety of wild birds to your backyard. Popular tube feeders along with bird specific feeders will keep your viewing interesting. Get up close with a window feeder. You can even make friends with the squirrels by giving them a feeder of their own. But DO check out our squirrel proof feeders. Take a look at the more decorative feeders to add a touch of architure to your landscape.

Hummingbird Food
Hummingbirds expand a tremendous amount of energy and must feed often. Nectar is their primary food. They will eat up to half of its body weight in nectar daily.
Bird Houses
Attracting wild birds is easier when you provide their favorite house to build a nest. Bird houses compliment bird feeders, bird baths and specific landscape plantings. Combine all to create a backyard habitat to enjoy season after season.
Purple Martin Houses and Accessories
The purple martin is America's most desirable backyard bird. Homeowners enjoy purple martins for their beauty of flight, social behavior, pleasant chirp, and insect eating ability. Purple martins are totally dependent on humans for housing and are very friendly to humans.
Now that you have one or more feeding stations keep 'em comin' back for more with high quality bird seed and suet cakes for year around enjoyment. And it's OK to feed birds all year long.
Butterfly feeders and houses look great and add to the charm of any garden setting. They make for great conversation too! Providing nectar sources in your backyard either with butterfly feeders or specific landscape plants will attract a variety of winged beauties. Think about Butterfly Gardens to add color and beauty.
Hardware and Accessories
Shop The Plant Factory Garden Center for the hardware needed to hang or mount your bird feeder or bird house. Browse the squirrel baffles to keep more bird food for your feathered friends.
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Bird Baths and Bird Ponds

Attract a larger variety of feathered friends by offering a variety of bird baths. Choose from hanging bird baths, decorative bird baths, birdbaths that are pole mounted or ground bird baths with moving water. (Moving water attracts birds more quickly.) Consider a heated bird bath for colder climates. Be sure to browse our selection of bird bath deicers.

Bird Bath Deicers
Keep wild birds visiting all winter with a birdbath deicer.

See also Utility Deicers and Heaters

Alpen® Binoculars for bird watching and more.

We are proud to offer binoculars that are great for casual users who like to watch spectator sports to the professional who needs a product that can perform in even the worst weather conditions.