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Bird Creek Pond Kits
Add beauty to your landscape and reach out to birds far and wide with any of the exceptional Bird Creek Kits and Ponds. Easily installed, simple to maintain, and looks that are 100% natural combine for beautiful, joyful, backyard bird attractions.
Ground Bird Baths
Ground Bird Baths are designed to sit on top of the ground. If the area you selected is exposed to high winds, you may wish to build soil up about an inch around the outside edge of the bath to ensure that wind cannot get under the bath. If the location you select is not level, you will need to remove dirt from the high side and fill in the lower side. When the location is approximately level, set the bath in place and fill with water. Do additional leveling if required.
Heated Bird Baths
Heated pedestal-style birdbaths, or "bird spas" as they are sometimes called, are most popular with people who do not have ponds landscaped into their yards. Equally popular are small, stand-alone heaters that are fastened to the sides of elevated birdbaths during winter months.