Blue Seal Pet and Animal Feed

Wildlife Grains

Attracting and feeding deer and other wildlife is a growing recreational interest. Wildlife Grains provides a nutritious and flavorful multi-grain mix enrobed in molasses. Enhanced with a natural flavoring, Wildlife Grains is broadly accepted by more species and offers less waste with its no-pellet formula.

Scratch Feed

Scratch Feed is the feed for native game birds and pheasants. Wild turkeys, Ruffed Grouse, and Northern Bobwhite Quail naturally gravitate to this grain mix of cracked corn, whole wheat, and oats.

Blue Seal Wildlife Forage Mix - 7-8 lbs. per acre

This mix contains Alsike, Medium Red, Ladino, and White Clovers, along with Bonar Rapeseed to provide a high-protein forage blend designed for deer and elk. Our Wildlife Forage Mix provides forage spring through fall as all of these plants mature at different periods. A forage plot provides an excellent way to attract and supplement a Deer's natural diet.